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speedometer n : a meter fixed to a vehicle that measures and displays its speed [syn: speed indicator]

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speed with -metron (cf. thermometer).


  • spɪˈdamɘɾɹˌ


  1. A device that measures, and indicates the current speed of a vehicle
  2. Such a device incorporating an odometer


a device that measures, and indicates the current speed of a vehicle
  • Croatian: brzinomjer
  • Finnish: nopeusmittari
  • French: compteur de vitesse
  • German: Geschwindigkeitsmesser
  • Japanese: 速度計
such a device incorporating an odometer
  • Finnish: nopeusmittari

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GPS devices may indicate the true speed of travel on the user interface. Unlike instrumental speedometers which provide a continuous reading, most GPS speed readouts have a one-second update interval.
The reading is based on reception of data from the satellites in orbit, and is therefore independent of the car's transmission components. Discrepancies between the two readings may be caused by instrument error (on the vehicle), or by changing directly influential factors, such as tire sizes.
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